Philosophy of Care

Our philosophy of care sets out our basic principles, values and beliefs, whilst under the care we provide here at Elliott House. At the home we believe that by catering to your personalised care requirements, we hope to provide you with a safe and warm environment that you can call home. Our philosophy is based on following five commitments we make to our residents:

  • Person Centred Care
  • Quality Homemade Food – (made with fresh ingredients)
  • Positive, warm, homely safe environment
  • Choice & Control
  • Staff who are trained and are professional in their approach

The services we provide are tailored to the resident’s needs, from the very specialist care skills to social outings, activities, and entertainment. Our service is one that provides care and support to residents living with dementia. All staff members receive dementia care training, therefore have insight and understanding as to how the condition impacts on the individual’s life. We strive to be unobtrusive as possible whilst delivering care and support to residents. We aim to provide support through empowerment and enablement so the resident’s privacy, dignity and choice is upheld.

Elliott House believes that the resident’s needs, wishes and preferences should be promoted and addressed through ongoing care planning review. This means the changing needs of each resident is reviewed, meaning any changing needs are reflected with their care plan. As part of this process, where appropriate, we liaise with relatives, external health, and social care professionals.


Our Core Values

At Elliott House we have full insight and understanding in promoting independence within the confines of residential services. We fully appreciate the sacrifices our residents have had to make; therefore, we want to support all our residents through a person-centred ethos of care and support. The culture within the staff team is one that we endeavour to promote the individual’s independence through enablement and empowerment. The staff team will support in a manner that will enable the resident to maintain their existing skills, and where they choose to do so, support them in developing new skills through a variety of activities.

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