Mission Statement

  • The Home’s mission is to provide the best quality of life, through high standards of care, daily fulfillment, love, and most of all, compassion.
  • Elliott House provides personalised care, which respects the privacy, dignity, safety and security of our residents.
  • The Home encourages and assists our residents in maintaining a high quality of life with respect to their individuality, independence, confidentiality and privacy.
  • By providing 24 hour care, the Home strives to encourage our residents to fulfill their emotional and social needs. This is delivered through a unique plan, catered solely for each individual resident.
  • Elliott House prides itself in its ability to safeguard our residents from discrimination on any grounds, whether it is age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, language, race or religion.
  • Above all, we aim to provide a quality service of a consistently high standard, which is appropriate and responsive to the individual needs of our residents, in an efficient and effective manner.
  • We acknowledge the importance of respecting each of our resident’s unique requirements.




Our Core Values

At Elliott House we have full insight and understanding in promoting independence within the confines of residential services. We fully appreciate the sacrifices our residents have had to make; therefore, we want to support all our residents through a person-centred ethos of care and support. The culture within the staff team is one that we endeavour to promote the individual’s independence through enablement and empowerment. The staff team will support in a manner that will enable the resident to maintain their existing skills, and where they choose to do so, support them in developing new skills through a variety of activities.

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