Finance & Fees

Finance & Fees

Our administrator will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

At our home, we cannot be held responsible for monies or valuables not handed in for safe keeping, and we recommend that they are kept by a family member.

Where you have any items of value and you want to keep them with you at the home, please ensure that you have the required insurance cover.

We do administer personal accounts for accounts for residents, and of course these receipts are issued accordingly. Accounts we do administer are audited by a management.

Fee Arrangements

1.    Self-funded residents – You will be informed of the fee before you come to live at the home. You will receive two copies of your admission for you, or your representative to sign. A copy must be retained by yourself and one to be returned to the manager. The contract details services for the stated fee, together with arrangement during absence or hospitalisatio. An invoice will be sent to you at the beginning of each month and this should be paid no later than the 28th day of the month.
2.    All other residents – prior to admission, you or your representative would have been notified of the fee. You Social Worker will have carried out a financial assessment of your capital assets and determine the contribution that you will make, and the difference which the local authority will agree to pay. This process may take a few weeks, during which time we are prepared to wait for payment. An invoice will be forwarded to you as soon as we have been notified by the local authority, and then it will be sent too you routinely at the beginning of each month.

Fee Reviews

Fees are reviewed on an annual basis for implementation in April. You will be notified one month before any fee change as per agreement in our residents’ contract, and explanation for the increase will be provided.

Fees – What is Included

24-hour care staff on duty
All meals drinks and snacks
Provision for special diets
Laundry and housekeeping service
All social activities organised within the home, transport costs to external venues

Fees – What is not included

Weekly visits from the hairdresser to the home
Private Chiropody
Private phone installation to your room
Private care of your choice
Costs of holidays, theatre, cinema tickets and refreshments and meals when out on excursions.

Our Core Values

At Elliott House we have full insight and understanding in promoting independence within the confines of residential services. We fully appreciate the sacrifices our residents have had to make; therefore, we want to support all our residents through a person-centred ethos of care and support. The culture within the staff team is one that we endeavour to promote the individual’s independence through enablement and empowerment. The staff team will support in a manner that will enable the resident to maintain their existing skills, and where they choose to do so, support them in developing new skills through a variety of activities.

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