Night Care Assistant


Reporting to: Manager, Deputy Manager & Senior Care Assistant

Closing date:  7th July 2021

  • To be directly answerable to the management team
  • To prioritise the workload whilst on shift and ensure that all tasks are completed
  • To assist in personal care of all residents and ensure that their privacy and dignity is maintained at all times. To ensure personal care tasks are completed to a high standard and that our residents are well presented and looked after, Including assisting residents with showers, applying creams and assisting residents with shaving when required.
  • To ensure that you always work in a safe environment, reporting any concerns you may have to the Management Team. Adhering  to the requirements of the organisation
  • To undertake visual risk assessments daily, prior to completing any tasks
  • To ensure all paperwork has been completed correctly daily, including daily notes, skin inspection, creams charts, pressure relieving charts and continence regimes.
  • To liaise with health care professionals on a daily basis in an appropriate manner and ensure documentation is complete
  • To work in a flexible manner and work any shift pattern that the home may need covering.
  • To attend all training that has been set up by the company to enable you to fulfil your job role.
  • To ensure that you are aware of each residents health needs, including reading and signing all care plans.
  • To ensure you have read and sign all of the home’s policies and procedures and adhere to them at all times.
  • To ensure you have read, signed and understood all risk assessments written by the management team.
  • To attend staff meetings on a regular basis.
  • To attend supervisions on a regular basis.
  • To ensure that resident’s well-being and safety is maintained at all times.
  • To ensure all correct paperwork is completed if an accident or an incident occurs and inform NOK, if on shift of any incidents/accidents. Ensure all documentation is factual and descriptive.
  • Ensure that correct uniform is worn whilst on shift.
  • To ensure the home is cleaned to a high standard, this includes deep cleaning at least once a week.
  • To ensure laundry is completed during the night.  
  • To maintain the dignity and respects of all of our residents at all times
  • To be kind, caring, empathetic as well as promoting a homely and inviting atmosphere.
  • To escort residents to hospital and GP appointments.
  • To ensure that any concerns you have regarding a residents general health are reported to the senior on duty.
  • To follow the on call rota if you have any concerns regarding anything during the night that you feel you are unable to deal with.
  • To ensure your key working duties are completed.
  • To promote and encourage our residents independence and supporting them to live a fulfilled and happy life.
  • In the event of an injury or a resident becoming unwell it is your responsibility to seek medical attention from the appropriate health professionals.
  • To ensure there are food and fluids available during the night if a resident would like something.
  • To ensure building check is completed at the start and end of each shift, you should be accompanied by a senior.
  • To ensure regular checks are completed during the night on all residents. Details on how often each individual should be checked can be found in their care plans.  
  • To ensure all tasks are completed by the end of your shift, it is your responsibility to stay behind if these are not completed.

This is not an exhaustive list, and does not identify individual duties it is merely tended to be a guide to the roles and responsibility of a night carer.

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