Head House Keeper


Reporting to: Manager, Deputy Manager, senior carers

Job Purpose: To ensure the home is of the highest standard of cleanliness at all times and to respect dignity, privacy and independence of clients at all times.

Closing date:  7th July 2021

  • To direct and help a team of five.
  • To make sure all audits and paperwork are completed on time.
  • To clean toilets, handrails, any marks off walls and doors and floors in en-suites daily.
  • To clean all sinks and cupboards under sinks in bedrooms daily.
  • To mop, dust and clean bedrooms daily.
  • To wipe clean all over-bed tables daily.
  • To clean all areas in bathrooms, shower room and toilets daily.
  • To vacuum, dust and clean lounges daily.
  • To spring clean at least two bedrooms daily.
  • To mop, dust and clean corridors daily and behind fire doors.
  • To empty and clean bins in bedrooms, lounges and toilets daily.
  • To report to senior staff if any resident gives cause for concern.
  • To maintain confidentiality, privacy and dignity of residents at all times.
  • To maintain good relationships with colleagues, clients, relatives, carers and all professionals involved in the care of the residents.
  • To act in a manner, which is courteous, polite, friendly and considerate at all times.
  • Ensure new staff feel welcomes and assist them in their new role.
  • To assist in making residents feel welcomes in the home and helping prior to admissions by ensuring rooms are clean and tidy.
  • To attend and contribute to staff meetings, training sessions and fire drills and to identify own training needs.
  • To be aware of how equipment works and to report any faults that are found.
  • To be aware of the need to report and document an accident or incident to the senior staff.
  • To keep the home clean and tidy and ensure it is a safe environment.
  • To respect all property that belongs to the residents and to the home, ensure faults are reported to management.
  • To be committed to working in a changing environment, responding positively to new changes and be flexible to the changing needs of care.
  • Observe and read the homes policies and procedures, and sign to say you have done so.
  • Any other duties as may be required.

This is not an exhaustive list, and does not identify individual duties it is merely tended to be a guide to the roles and responsibility of a carer.

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Our Core Values

At Elliott House we have full insight and understanding in promoting independence within the confines of residential services. We fully appreciate the sacrifices our residents have had to make; therefore, we want to support all our residents through a person-centred ethos of care and support. The culture within the staff team is one that we endeavour to promote the individual’s independence through enablement and empowerment. The staff team will support in a manner that will enable the resident to maintain their existing skills, and where they choose to do so, support them in developing new skills through a variety of activities.

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